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How to obtain the certificate cap - cardea audited performance: 5 steps to certification

5 steps to certification


Step 1:

Definition of core competencies of the consulting company along service areas and industries based on Cardea's proprietary capability framework


Step 2:

Analysis and assessment of key metrics and quality indicators for each of the defined core competencies (e.g. number of projects and clients)


Step 3:

On-site meeting (Cardea audit) in order to evaluate and assess project experience and expertise of consultants


Step 4:

Compilation of consultant's project and company data by Cardea, client satisfaction survey and performance assessment


Step 5:

Final validation and approval of data and quality indicators, award of certification cap - cardea audited performance



The certificate is valid 12 months. The certificate will be renewed after 1 year if the consulting company wants to and successfully passes the re-evaluation and re-assessment of its core competencies.


Over a decade of experience with quality assessments in the consulting industry

The right certification criteria, e.g. the minimum expectations, requirements, experience and other specifics, are essential for the effectiveness of a quality certification mechanism. This is also true for the cap – cardea audited performance certification process and methodology.

Based on more than 15 years of experience in identifying, evaluating, assessing and selecting consulting firms for its clients Cardea brings a deep understanding of the consulting market, its suppliers and the key indicators of excellent consulting quality and performance. Cardea draws on this knowledge to position and differentiate consulting firms in the marketplace and measure and assess the performance and quality of consultants. The certification process is based on a rigid audit of the quality and performance of a consulting company. The audit evaluates various criteria in seven distinct areas in order to assess the experience, the portfolio and scope of services, the qualification of consultants, expertise and methodologies, clients, projects as well as client satisfaction and performance.


cap versprechen

The Cardea cap-Certificate

Quality and performance assessment based on successful projects and client ratings



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