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consultingsearcher® is the premium procurement portal for consulting services. Our goal is to recommend the right consulting firm for your specific requirements and help you understand the varied modern forms of management consulting. 

Here you can search for management consultants - effortlessly, fast, easy and at any time - as you would expect from first-class internet applications that make everyday life easier. We are also providing personal assistance for clients with special needs. Take advantage of our free personal assistance and give us a call, so we can handle any of your concrete needs or challenges.



1 You can find first-class consulting firms for your specific projects and contact them directly. A professional, well-structured overview of consulting firms’ areas of expertise and a simple user interface allow you to quickly find the right consulting firm based on your request.

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2 If your company is concerned with one of the currently most prevalent managerial challenges and related consulting services (such as digitalisation), you can request a list of recommended consulting firms using our contact form. We’re also providing personal assistance. To get assistance by phone, please call: +41 (0)44 350 2850

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3 If you have a special request and would rather not use the consultingsearcher® search engine, simply contact us and speak to our research experts about your unique requirements.

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Our unique formula for success

In a globally interconnected world and in an age of increasing information overload, transparency among external service providers is becoming more and more important. This particularly applies to the process of selecting a consulting firm. Because management consulting is a broadly defined term and consulting an intangible service, it begins with the challenges associated with specifying the requirements and ends with the challenge of measuring project results and a consultant’s performance. Studies consistently reveal that a considerable number of consulting project fails. It’s a fact that project fail for reasons other than the involvement of consultants or their (lack of) performance and reasons for project failure also include those associated with client organizations. Experienced consulting clients know that the decision which consulting firm to engage is critical to success.. For this reason, many consulting clients trust in specialist service providers such as Cardea AG in Zurich, which similar to recruiting agencies or headhunters, acts like a “management consulting search firm” for buyers of consulting services. Based on more than 18 years of experience and more than 1,500 successfully accomplished search mandates, the practical use of the following formula has been proven to be successful and to contribute significantly to the right selection of consultants and outcomes of consulting projects:

Perfect consulting market transparency + exceptional quality of consultants + Skills-based consultant matching process 



1 Perfect consulting market transparency + 2 Exceptional quality of consultants + 3 Skills-based consultant matching processDetails


The best platform for every type of consulting

Not all management consulting is the same. All management consultancies have their own specialisms. What works for one company will not necessarily work for the other. Regardless of what your requirements are, you’ll find the right consulting firm on consultingsearcher®. When it comes to hiring the right consulting firm for a project, defining the required consulting service correctly is essential, as it has a major impact on the seamless execution of the consulting project.

Whatever it is you’re looking for - change management, strategy consulting, IT consulting or operational excellence consulting, consultingsearcher® is the right choice for:

  • Small and large companies
  • Small and large projects
  • Strategic and operational challenges/topics
  • Concept and implementation consulting
  • Business and IT challenges/topics
  • A variety of consulting assignments (brainstorming partners, experts, implementation specialists, change managers, transformations, roll-outs, etc.)


Advantageous for all types of consulting clients

Our services create customer value for all companies considering hiring external consultants. Whether frequent buyers of consulting services such as large corporations, occasional buyers of consulting services such as medium-sized companies or first-time buyers, we cater them all and provide tailored solutions to the prevailing needs and requirements of each client.

Frequent and professional buyers of consulting services ...
… will quickly and efficiently find comparable or additional alternative consulting firms to establish or to be added to a long or short list, based on each consultant’s differentiated and proven skills and expertise.

Occasional buyers of consulting services benefit ...
… primarily from distinguished search functions and filter options that can be used with consultingsearcher® and are developed by experienced consulting market experts to enable clients obtain a full and rich overview of suitable consulting firms in short time.

First-time users of management consulting ...
… will get a quick introduction and access to a variety of resources providing insights into the consulting market, its players, available consulting services and project examples. Various tools help with project planning and specifying project requirements as well as with matching requirements to suitable consulting firms and services.




Delivering service that matters 

consultingsearcher® has been established by Cardea, a leading expert in all matters relating to the consulting market and the use of external consultants.

Cardea is trusted advisor to many renowned client organizations and professional service firm with over 18 years of experience assisting clients with evaluating and selecting consulting companies. Over the past 15 years, Cardea has evaluated more than 1,500 consulting firms and connected clients and consultants for consulting projects with an overall volume of more than €100 million. Cardea’s online service, consultingsearcher®, is a pool of high-quality consulting firms. Since the beginning of the digital revolution Cardea AG has been observing and anticipating how new technologies impact the way clients buy and providers sell consulting services, and launched consultingsearcher® as a comprehensive solution for virtual consulting. 

Thanks to the alliance with JETSTREAM Marketing GmbH, consulting clients benefit from the bundled expertise required for developing and establishing digital business models and virtual consulting solutions: Strategy, structure, processes, IT, marketing, online marketing.