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How consulting firms are presented on consultingsearcher®

There are approximately 20,000 consulting companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The market is comprised of a few large consultancies, which count for more than 50% of the consulting market volume, and many small and medium-sized consulting firms. In addition, there is a sheer endless number of freelance consultants.

When client organizations are faced with having to choose a consultant the strategy for good decisions will involve answering these questions: Which and how many consulting firms should be considered, which potential firms are suitable and how likely does each of the options meet the goals? At this point, consultingsearcher® comes in, offering the best of both worlds: the areas of expertise of a consulting firm's organization and its individual consultants.



Description of expertise 

Descriptions of distinct track records and positionings of consulting firms allow clients which are searching for consultants on consultingsearcher® to find what they are actually looking for:

  1. On consultingsearcher® clients will find a consultant's true (i.e. verified) areas of expertise
  2. The description of a consultant's expertise is based on its functional and/ or industry specialist know-how.


consultingsearcher® combines the best of both worlds

What sets consultingsearcher® apart is that consulting firms’ revealed areas of expertise are based on true evidence. These areas of expertise are revealed as the bundled experience of a consulting firm, on the level of individual experts and consulting teams, and backed up with descriptions of successfully accomplished projects.

This concept is unique and allows consultingsearcher® to set itself apart from pure expert portals and "yellow page like" consulting portals which not reveal the consulting firms' detailed areas of expertise.

We follow the principles of state-of-the-art practices how professional clients procure consulting services. Consultings clients are looking for proven track records. It's usual practice to continuously measure performance of consulting firms - even if long-term relationships have been established. It's key that consulting firms can provide a team of individual consultants which bring the required expertise for a special task or project - independent of their brand.

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