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Choosing the right consulting firm = Successful consulting project

Selecting the right consulting firm has a major impact on the success of any consulting project, which has been proven by studies and practical experience. But finding the right consulting company is a difficult task: An expanding and changing provider market with new entrants, acquisitions and alliances, hampers transparency.

To select a consultant for a particular job, clients must decide how broad they want their list of consultants to be and what consulting firms they want to include for initial consideration: Do you need a large consulting firm or a small, highly specialised consulting firm? Which type of consulting firm is suitable, e.g. a traditional management consulting firm? Or is it worth to consider additional, alternative service providers such as an advertising agency or IT service provider? What about international requirements? Do you need a consultant with international footprint or with local network partners? The decision ultimately depends on how extensive the project is and which skills and experiences may be provided by the own organization. The next step is assessing the expertise and quality of a consulting firm: Consultants vary greatly in their level of expertise. That's why, when evaluating prospective consulting firms, several questions have to be answered: What is the consultant’s special area of expertise? What is the consultant’s knowledge of the industry? What is the consultant’s “track record”? Does the consultant's expertise match with what you want the consultant to do? How do you know the consulting firm delivers what it promises? Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or colleagues are still the most influental, and may be in fact important factors. But with tighter compliance regulations and increasing cost and quality awareness of client organizations, they're not sufficient. In most cases it is not only worth but required going through a complete selection process and systematically assessing the prospective consultants' skills and expertise.

consultingsearcher® has been established by Cardea, a leading expert in all matters relating to the consulting market and the use of external consultants. Cardea is trusted advisor to many renowned client organizations and professional service firm with over 18 years of experience assisting clients with evaluating and selecting consulting companies. Based on this experience and more than 1,500 successfully accomplished search mandates, the practical use of the following formula has been proven to be successful and to contribute significantly to the right selection of consultants and outcomes of consulting projects:


1 Perfect consulting market transparency +Details 2 Exceptional quality of consultants +Details 3 Skills-based consultant matching processDetails

Perfect consulting market transparency

Transparency is needed for navigating your way through the service provider jungle in the consulting market.

consultingsearcher® provides perfect consulting market transparency by differentiating consulting firms based on their expertise and skills. Therefore, we elaborate each consultant's position in the market and define its core areas of expertise. Areas of expertise may comprise a "technical/ functional" expertise such as marketing or strategy and/ or a industry expertise such as automotive or financial services. This allows clients to quickly and easily see how a consulting firm can help them.


Exceptional quality of consultants

In addition to transparency, consulting clients need to be certain that prospective consulting firms hold promise and deliver continuous quality.

consultingsearcher® utilizes appropriate assessment instruments to ensure clients receive consistent, high-quality, distinctive, world-class service from consultants which are presented on consultingsearcher®. Our quality assurance processes verify accuracy and level of expertise, so you know you’re in good hands. Some of the consulting firms have also been awarded with our quality certificate cap (cardea audited performance).


Skills-based consultant matching process

consultingsearcher® offers clients a comprehensive overview of relevant prospective professional service providers and enables access to previously unknown consulting firms. In addition consultingsearcher® allows its users to distinguish among different providers and compare their distinct areas of expertise.

Clients which aim for the "best match" and efficient and effective selection processes may want to consider a broader pool of candidates beyond any "predefined" list. consultingsearcher® provides to them a variety of prospective consultants from a list of prequalified candidates because for a specific job or project the distinct approaches, skills and experiences of different consulting firms may be suitable.


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