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Survey: Consulting Services For SME Clients

Experiences, Requirements and Needs of Small & Medium-Sized Client Organizations When Engaging Consulting Firms


Beratereinsatz im Mittelstand

Large and medium-sized companies are constantly facing the need to respond to changing market conditions. High-priority topics are growth and development of new markets, operational excellence through optimized processes and IT support and organizational & cultural change. Hiring consultants to address these challenges has been recognized as critical success factor for a majority of client organizations. Also critical to success is the decision which consulting firm to engage. Therefore, a thorough evaluation and assessment of the skills, expertise and value of prospective consulting firms is key.

Thestudy explores the experiences, requirements and needs of small and medium-sized client organizations when turning to consultants for assistance with solving problems and handle challenges.

Study Design

Survey of executives of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland, Germany and Austria exploring experiences, needs and requirements of SME customers

  1. What kind of consulting firms have you turned to for assistance in the past?
  2. Why did you hire a consultant?
  3. What kind of consulting services have you been looking for in the past?
  4. What value do you expect consultants to provide?
  5. What does a consulting firm have to offer to fully meet your expectations?



Learn more about:
  1. Experiences, requirements and needs of small & medium-sized client organizations when engaging consulting firms
  2. Considerations when selecting a consultant: key criteria
  3. Why consulting firms are engaged and what value they provide.