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Executive Survey: Consulting Market Trends

Executive Survey: How client organisations engage consulting firms and what value consulting firms provide

Consulting Firms

Survey of executives of large and medium-sized companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria:

  1. How relevant are current changes of the consulting market for engaging consulting firms from a client’s perspective?
  2. Which consulting firms are considered/ engaged for which Projects?
  3. What value do consulting firms currently claim to offer for their clients?
  4. Which are the future requirements of clients toward consulting firms and their services?

The survey based on four categories of consulting firms and consulting projects.


Executive Summary:

  • Strategy consulting and Projects remain the domain of the large strategy houses.
  • For large transformations client organizations rely on the large consulting firms, especially the multi-specialists and Big Four companies.
  • The specialist know-how of boutique consulting firms makes them suitable for projects which involve functional optimization of the value chain.
  • Clients have an ambiguous perception of the value of "one-stop-shop" like consulting services offered by large mutli-specialist consultancies.
  • The value of boutique consulting firms is predominantly seen in what they traditionally are: specialized.
  • The international, mid-sized consulting firms seem to have the least distinct profile.
  • Lacking breadth and depth of specialized expertise, the multi-specialists do not (yet) seem to hold their promise.
  • Although boutique consultants already are well positioned, clients expect from them ambitious performance.


Results of the Executive Survey "Consulting Market Trends".