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Tool-Box: Service Differentiation & Positioning

How to convey what makes your company and services different


To be successful, differentiation is key.

Consulting is a diverse industry, but a lot of consulting firms look alike, do the same sort of work and are hard to distinguish from each other. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for buyers of consulting services to identify true differentiating attributes among different consulting firms. A compelling value proposition and differentiated value is based on clearly communicated core competencies, proven quality, performance and reputation, and value-adding services for clients.

What are the ways to find your company's point of differentiation?

Learn about how to differentiate yourself and how to build a compelling value proposition to your clients in oder to generate future and sustainable growth of your consulting company.


Learn more about:
  • Innovative ways to differentiate your consulting firm.
  • What you Need to understand to find this elusive point of differentiation.
  • How to convey a compelling value proposition to your clients.




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