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Marketing for Consulting Firms

Marketing approaches to bolster your brand and drive growth


Which marketing approaches do you utilize to reach your clients? To achieve ambitious sales growth, traditional marketing approaches are likely to be not sufficient.


Effective marketing of your consulting firm and services from a customer perspective

Acquiring new business from existing and new customers is time consuming and expensive. Even more so in periods of economic distress, as consulting firms have faced during and after the financial crisis.

In periods of economic downturn, it is not unusual for business managers to make drastic changes such as initiating short-term actions to boost sales which may seem right at the time, but in the long term they can do a great deal of harm.

Since higher market volatility seems to be the new norm, consulting firms must find new ways to set market priorities, reduce over-reliance on one or a few big customers and/ or market segments and develop effective strategies to find new customers, generate leads and grow existing customer relationships.

The varied ways and approaches to reach clients are well-known: Personal relationships, networking at events, direct mailings, advertising, etc.

But what convinces clients? In most situations buyers and sellers of consulting services see marketing strategies quite differently.

Learn about how you can improve your market visibility and reputation in the minds of your clients.



Learn more about:
  • What do buyers of consulting services expect or want to avoid, respectively?
  • What do you have to do to improve your market visibility and reputation?





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