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5 Steps to Effectively Position Your Company

How to create meaningful brand differentiation

Differenzierte Positionierung

Create a unique position strategy to accentuate differentiation to your clients.

The consulting industry is going through some major transitions and upheavals. From an increase in global competition, to blurring boundaries between consulting firms, and the emergence of new entrants, prevailing circumstances increase the strategic importance of brand positioning for the growth of consulting firms.

It's time to think about your brand strategy and positioning to ensure future growth of your consulting firm and to counteract the "turmoils" of the consulting industry.

Market challenges:

  • The large, renowned consulting companies strengthen their power by combining «brand & boutique», specialization and international footprint, strategy and operational consulting.
  • The traditional lines between large consultancies and specialized boutique consulting firms are blurring. They compete increasingly with each other serving the same client organizations and projects.

Client challenges:

  • Buyers of consulting services are becoming more savvy. They are looking first for the right set of team expertise, skills, industry knowledge and documented evidence of past successes.
  • They are expecting tailored and practical solutions as well as sustainable outcomes of their consulting engagements (return on consulting).

Industry challenges:

  • Succeeding in a saturated market is challenging. The cost of creating more business or developing new market segments and capabilities is increasing – in time and in money.



Learn more about:
  • How to create a unique position in your market.
  • Why you have to accentuate differentiation to your clients.
  • How you will be perceived as "distinct & unique" in the minds of your clients.




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