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Return on Consulting

Increase success of your consulting Projects

Return on Consulting

Do you know what value your consulting projects generate?

  • Consulting firms are often used and engaged in many (decentralized) organizational units.
  • Without central coordination it is difficult to discover and share "lessons learned" from consulting engagements across the organization.
  • There is a difference between the measurement of the benefits of consulting projects after project completion and the proactive management of the return on consulting during project execution.

Do you know how to proactively manage and increase the return on consulting?

Why is measuring the performance of consultants and consulting projects still a myth?

  • Organizations do not permanently work with external consultants. That's why many employees have only limited experience with dealing with and managing external consultants.
  • You don't learn the management of consultants and consulting Projects during education, it's learning on the job.
  • Most organizations do not offer training for their staff on how to manage consulting projects.
  • The responsibility for consultants' performance is rarely anchored within the management  or the board of organizations.
  • "Best & mal practices" of dealing with consultants and of managing consulting projects are hardly recognized and utilized in organizations.

What are the implications?

  1. Consultants are working on the wrong problems and challenges.
  2. The wrong consultants are selected and hired.
  3. The hired consultants do not have the the right experience and methods.
  4. Consultants are not deployed effectively and efficiently.
  5. For the consultant it's not possible to work effectively and efficiently.

Lack of instruments and tools, untrained staff and project managers, and missing organizational responsibilities are common barriers which prevent organizations from exploiting the full value of consulting projects.


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