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Engagement of Consultants: Facts & Figures

The impact of selecting the right consultant on the success of your project


Do you know which consultants are suitable for which projects? Do you also know what value different consulting firms provide?

  • Whether you plan to conduct  a strategic or operational initiative, a growth or Efficiency improvement program, the question remains which consulting firms do match your project requirements best.
  • Based on our studies and practical experience in evaluating and "matching" consultants and their approaches with our clients' needs, we know
  • when and how client organizations hire which consultants
  • how the large consulting firms differ from smaller specialist consultants
  • waht experiences client organizations have made deploying different Kinds of consulting firms.


Learn more about:

  • Which consulting companies are suitable for which projects and phases
  • What value consultants provide
  • How you decide which consultant is the best match for your project.