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9 Essentials for Managing Consultants

The top-3 performance indicators in managing consulting projects

9Tipps für die Zusammenarbeit mit Beratern

The success of most consulting projects depends on a set of crucial skills and techniques. Managing the client/ consultant interaction or relationship is one of the most important component within any project.


Managing consultants properly influences an enagement's success

It sometimes happens that consulting engagements are managed poorly. Deadlines are allowed to slip, deliverables are badly defined, etc. One of the most important lesson from this experience is: Don’t leave consultants to their own devices. The client organization or the client’s project team has to be in the driving seat. When clients manage the consultants and stay focused and determined to deliver a successful project, consultants will deliver real value. 


Learn more about:
  • What are the top-3 performance indicators in managing consulting projects?
  • How do you ensure the consultants will be able to deliver value?
  • What are the most important components of the client/ consultant relationship?



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