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Press Review


The DACH Consulting Market in 2019 - Market Trends Programme

This report contains the most accurate view available about the DACH consulting market. Underpinned by our global data model and interviews with senior consultants and their clients, this report will allow you to really delve into what’s going on in the DACH market, and why. (Source Global Research, 2019) more

Consulting Industry and Market Trends: A Two-Sided View

Advances in Consulting Research: Consulting Industry and Market Trends: A Two-Sided View

Advances in Consulting Research: Consulting Industry and Market Trends: A Two-Sided View more

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Strategy 4.0

Management 4.0

Management 4.0 is an approach that allows companies to digitize their strategic work for the first time. With a digital strategy & management assistance system, intelligent algorithms, collaborative solution development and trend and knowledge databases companies can perform their strategic tasks quicker and in an agile and innovative manner. View consultant list

Agile Development

Many companies are wondering if it is possible to use agile development (a set of principles for software development) also in hardware development projects. Conducting an Agile Awareness Day will show you opportunities and potentials. View consultant list

Digital ConActing

Digital ConActing is an ideation approach to boost digital transformation by focusing on collective intelligence and interdisciplinary teams to exploit internal knowledge and transfer it into actionable ideas.
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Lean Enterprise to Reduce Inefficiency

LEAN is more than one-time optimization, it's about eliminating waste, errors and unnecessary costs, while striving for the best quality. And this short-, mid- and long term! View consultant list
Pre Merger Integration

Pre Merger Integration

Many acquisitions fail. There are two main reasons for failure: Most buyers routinely overvalue the synergies to be had from acquisitions and do not pay proper attention to the integration process. Successful integration therefore begins before a contract is signed. View consultant list

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires end-to-end process optimization to enable a truly cross-functional performance. Digital challenges need a holistic approach, pragmatic ideas and innovations. View consultant list
Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity

Take the Digital Capability Check-Up and find out the degree of digital maturity in your company. The results of the maturity check help companies discover their detailled status-quo, improvement potentials and concrete actions to develop a strategy for digital transformation. View consultant list

Cross Industry Innovation to Create New Business

Striving for "being better" is based on industry-specific peer benchmarks. “Being different” requires cross-industry innovation. Firms can only benefit from radical innovation if they are open to external knowledge sources and understand how to exploit cross-industry knowledge. View consultant list

Sales with High Rates of Return

Do you have many products, customers and discounts? Do you achieve the prices you need to be competitive in the future? PRICING4SUCCESS helps you develop pricing strategies for the highest return on sales and customers. View consultant list

Site selection/ production footprint

Not only the decision where production sites are optimally located on an international level but also on a local level needs to be carefully analyzed. Using a calculation tool which simulates economic impacts of location decisions can provide decisive support. View consultant list

Build Better Supplier Partnerships

Partner with your suppliers to develop deep, mutually beneficial relationships, lessen risk and achieve true supply chain excellence. View consultant list

Manufacturing Location in China? We Take You to Chengdu!

Take advantage of unique conditions and a local network. According to Chancellor Merkel Chengdu is one of the fastest growing and most relevant emerging region in southwestern China. View consultant list
Chinese Investors in CH

Chinese Investors in Switzerland

Dealing with Asian investors usually takes more time than expected. Especially due to different economic and legal environments the due diligence phase will take longer and require great sensitivity. View consultant list

From Lean Excellence to Industry 4.0-Perfection

Create successful new business models with Industry 4.0: Conduct an Industry 4.0 readiness-check, achieve lean excellence, digitize processes and products and reach Industry 4.0 perfection. View consultant list

Develop Your R&D Leaders

R&D leaders face multiple challenges: Be decisive in ambiguous situations, build commitment & organizational buy-in), ensure people empowerment, fulfill business needs. Tailored leadership programs to develop the R&D leaders of tomorrow. View consultant list

Simulation of change concepts – change as planning game

It’s difficult to predict how change processes evolve, let alone to plan them. Which actions lead to which results, and when? Which phases do exist? Is there any resistance to change and what can one do to omit them? View consultant list

Increase R&D Productivity

The growth potential of many companies is limited by the capacity of the R&D department. Are there any ways to increase your R&D productivity? The answer gives a holistic maturitymodel-based assessment. View consultant list

Organizational Intelligence (OI)

Organizational Intelligence (OI) is the ability of the employees of an organization to solve complex problems. The OI-analysis assesses the current level of utilization of the collective intelligence of an organization and identifies improvement potentials. View consultant list

Workplace Management

Save costs and still be "state-of-the-art". Plan significant changes to the work environment of your employees and yet ensure fast implementation of new workplaces. Effective workplace change management creates the business case for change and a common vision.
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Align R&D with Strategy

Productivity measurement in R&D should not only reflect the efficient use of R&D resources, but include R&D effectiveness in relation to the strategies and objectives of an organization. Aligning R&D to strategy has a higher impact than simply reducing R&D costs. View consultant list

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is an approach to effectively sustain experience and skills of the workforce in oder to maintain an organization's unique critical knowledge when someone retires or leaves, changes his position or in order to encourage knowledge sharing and development in an organization.
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Organizational Development

If your organization is resistant to change, organizational development provides the framework and ways to prevent, decrease or minimize resistance to change and implement effective results.
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Cost flexibility - "Plan F"

How flexible is your company? If a firm faces exogenous demand fluctuations, then it can be worthwile to select a more "flexible" plant. Proportional adjustments in costs to output changes can be achieved by agile value chain management. View consultant list

Dealing with Currency Issues

Due to the appreciation of the Swiss franc, Swiss companies find it more difficult to sell their wares to European customers. To counter price increases firms are well advised to optimize their supply chain.
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What clients of management consultants (really) want

When client organizations use external consulting services or compare consulting proposals, they expect or want to recognize added value. What does really count for clients?
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Is strategy consulting ready for its future?

"Modern" strategy consulting has to accomplish much more than in the past: What are the new challenges of strategy consulting and who can really deliver an end-to-end, interdisciplinary and integrative approach to strategy and its implementation?
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Consulting Digital

Digitalization Consulting or Digital Transformation of the Consulting Industry?

How you can use the potentials of the new media and digitally supported consulting processes for your projects to be quicker, more agile and innovative
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Digital is the new black - choose the right digital consultant

How you identify the right attributes of consultants for your digital transformation projects and how you effectively match these with your requirements
Read more
Consulting Market Trends

Consulting Market Trends Survey 2019

In this article you will find answers to questions like what clients expect from consultants for digital transformation projects and how consulting companies position themselves to come to terms with these new requirements.
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Strategy Consulting

Market orientation in the new world of (digital) agencies

Navigate through the new world and landscape of digital marketing and communication agencies and consulting
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Market Positioning

Achieving growth with a distinct market positioning

Why a good positioning is crucial for your consulting business. How to ensure sustainable growth of your consulting business through a distinct market positioning.
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Consulting Market Trends

Consulting Market Trend survey 2016

Consulting 4.0. stands for the current changes in the consulting market. Learn how client organizations buy consulting services and what clients expect from consulting companies in terms of their value-added.
Read more

Strategy Consulting Marked by Changing Customer Needs

In this article you will find answers to questions like what strategy consulting was and is today, what strategy consulting has to offer to be of value for clients and how strategy consulting compares to digital transformation consulting and implementation work.
Read more
The best approaches to find the right management consultant

The best approaches to find the right management consultant

One of the most important factor which influences a consulting project's success is at the same time a factor which is commonly underestimated: selecting the right consulting firm. But which approaches are there to find the right consultant? There are possibly more than you would anticipate - and possibly more than those which client organizations commonly use.
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Consulting 4.0: The Future of Consulting or just a Trend?

Consulting 4.0: The Future of Consulting or just a Trend?

Consulting 4.0, the beginning of a new era. The consulting industry faces the challenge to have to reshape itself: new business models, new growth areas and innovative products and services are required.
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Consulting services for SME client organizations

Learn about what it needs to engage consulting firms, what value you can expect from consultants and how you find the right consulting firm for your specific project requirements.
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Engagement of Consultants: Facts & Figures

Do you know which consultants are suitable for your projects and what value they provide? Learn more from a rich set of facts & figures.
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Cost-Efficient Consulting Approaches

What new opportunities does the consulting market and offer and how can These be utilized by client organizations? Learn how you are able to identify and assess cost-efficient consulting approaches for your projects.
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Marketing for Consulting Firms

How to Grow Your Business

What do clients expect from consulting firms and what do consulting firms have to do to boost their market visibility and reputation?
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9 Essentials for Choosing a Consultant

Which steps do have to follow to choose the right consultant for you and your business? Learn more about the essentials for choosing a consultant that fits your requirements.
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Return on Consulting

Do you know what value your consulting projects generate? Do you know how to proactively manage and influence the value of consultants? Learn more about how to increase your return on consulting.
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5 steps for effective positioning

5 Steps to Effectively Position Your Company

How do you create a unique position strategy to accentuate differentiation to your clients? Learn more about 5 steps to effectively position your consulting firm.
Read more
Changing Client Buying Behavior

Tips: Changing Client Buying Behavior

Early signs of changing demand include increasingly sophisticated buyers of consulting services. Learn about the signs of (disruptive) changes in the consulting industry and how consulting firms have to position themselves in the market to meet changing demand of their clients.
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Executive Survey: Consulting Market Trends

Cardea polled executives of client organizations to find out to which consultants they turn for assistance with different kind of projects, the value of consultants and what they expect from different kinds of consulting firms in the future.
Read more
Tool Box: Einkauf von Beratung

Tool Box: How to Buy Consulting Services

Learn more about how to optimize your consulting spend by applying best value for money selection processes and comparisons of price and performance and how to assess risks and potentials when engaging consultants.
Read more
9 Essentials for Managing Consultants

9 Essentials for Managing Consultants

Does it happen in your company that consulting engagements are managed poorly? Learn about the most important lessons from this experience, the most important factors which influence project success and how to manage consultants properly.
Read more
Consultants for SMEs

Consultants for SMEs

Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or colleagues are still the most influental. For some project types or topics turning to personal networks is not sufficient or not helpful. In these cases finding suitable consulting firms is more difficult: Who does this kind of work? How well known is the firm? How good is their reputation?
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The Future of Consulting

The Future of Consulting

A series of business model innovations could reshape the way consulting firms engage with clients in the future. Learn more about the emerging «modularization» of the consulting industry and how client organization can use and benefit from new possibilities the consulting market offers.
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Online Marketing for Consulting Firms

Online Marketing for Consulting Firms

More than 30% of buyers of consulting services use online search for finding alternative consulting firms. Cumulatively, online techniques have eclipsed more traditional methods of finding consultants. Therefore, online marketing and online visibility is fundamental for consulting firms.
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Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement

Collecting data associated with the performance and quality of a consulting firm engaged (before, during and after a project is conducted with external consultants) helps optimize selection processes, manage consulting projects and consultants effectively, achieve predefined project goals, optimize return on consulting, optimize consulting spend, and manage the portfolio of professional services providers.
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Tool-Box: Service Differentiation & Positioning

Tool-Box: Service Differentiation & Positioning

Learn about how to differentiate yourself and how to build a compelling value proposition to your clients in oder to generate future and sustainable growth of your consulting company.
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Consulting Roles

Learn about why clients rather use different consulting firms for different roles, why clients are engaging consultants, what type of consultant is right and how to select the right consulting firm for a specific project, role and task.
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Small vs. Big Consulting Firms

Small vs. Big Consulting Firms

Learn about when to choose niche vs. big consulting firm, the main differences between large and boutique consultants, what large and smaller consulting firms offer and when to use a large vs. a smaller consulting firm.
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Measuring the Value of Consultants

Measuring the Value of Consultants

How to measure and increase the success of your consulting projects and the performance of consultants, how to define important measures of consulting performance, and how to define and assess outcome measures and success criteria of different types of consulting projects.
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Beratung nach Themen

A Typology of Consulting

The diversity of management consulting is vast. Sometimes management consultants use their own "buzzwords", so translating "buzzwords" into real clients' challenges and priorities may be necessary. Learn about consulting market segments and services and how to find the right consulting services and approaches for your specific business challenges.
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Die Auswahl an Rankings von Top-Beratungsunternehmen ist mittlerweile recht gross und entsprechend unübersichtlich. In den meisten Studien erscheinen immer wieder die gleichen Namen. Wir beschreiben die gängigsten Methoden und Auszeichnungen und zeigen Alternativen.
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Unternehmens-beratung nach Regionen

Unternehmens-beratung nach Regionen

Welches Beratungsunternehmen für welche Projekte? Die regionalen (geographischen) Erfahrungen eines Beraters können für bestimmte Projekte entscheidend sein. Zusätzliche Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen können aber ebenso wichtig sein.
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Beratung nach Branchen

Beratung nach Branchen

Fachspezialist oder Branchenspezialist? Die Branchenkenntnis eines Beraters erhält zunehmende Relevanz als Auswahlkriterium für Kundenunternehmen. Lernen Sie mehr darüber, wie man die Branchenkompetenzen von Beratungsunternehmen differenzieren kann.
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Best Practice: HR-Management

Best Practice: HR-Management

Die Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt ist ein Thema, das sowohl Führungskräfte als auch HR-Verantwortliche zum Umdenken auffordert. Es gilt, innovative Lösungen zu entwickeln, was häufig nur mit externem Fachwissen möglich ist. Lernen Sie HR-Best Practice-Lösungsansätze kennen.
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Best Practice: Krankenhaus-Management

Neuartige Lösungen erfordern häufig externes Fachwissen und Best-Practice-Expertise. Erhalten Sie Impulse zu Krankenhaus-Themen und Anforderungen an die Krankenhaus-Beratung sowie Einblicke in unsere Projektarbeit.

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Finden Sie mehr Informationen zu den Themen: Was ist Management Consulting & Unternehmensberatung, welche Dienstleistungen und Arten von Management Consulting oder Unternehmensberatung es gibt und in welche Kategorien sich Beratung und Beratungsfeldern unterscheiden ?
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Strategy Consulting Marked by Changing Customer Needs

In this article you will find answers to questions like what strategy consulting was and is today, what strategy consulting has to offer to be of value for clients and how strategy consulting compares to digital transformation consulting and implementation work.
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Process Consulting

Process Consulting Marked by Changing Customer Needs

In this article you will find answers to questions like what process consulting was and is today, what process consulting has to offer to be of value for clients and how process consulting has developed from technical reengineering to a consulting approach which delivers comprehensive solutions to clients.
Read more
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