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It’s common for many companies to rely on external support for their sales, marketing and communication activities. The large impact technology has on the working and everyday life has led to the digitalization of communication channels and the emergence of digital touchpoints with large media reach and opens up a whole new universe of opportunities how companies can communicate with and activate their customers and market their products. Digitalisierung der Kommunikationsprozesse und der Entstehung von reichweitenstarken digitalen Touchpoints eröffnet sich jedoch ein komplett neues Universum der Kontakt-, Kommunikations-, Vertriebs- und Geschäftsmöglichkeiten.

Digital instead of analog – as consumer behavior undergoes massive change companies shift their focus in the way they communicate and interact with the end customer: rather than focusing on a product’s functionality, marketing messaging needs to build personal connections with clients and prospects through the use of storytelling and credible content. Marketing programs and messages play a pivotal role in building strong relationships with customers and great customer experiences across all channels and media. Ausrichtung der Kommunikation und des Marketings: Weniger Produkt- und Werbebotschaften, dafür mehr Beziehungsmanagement mit Kunden und Interessenten, mehr Storytelling, mehr glaubwürdiger und kompetenter Content. Die Schaffung einheitlicher, sympathischer und überzeugender Kundenerlebnisse über alle Medien und Kanäle steht im Vordergrund.

Who can provide help? The current changes in the consulting and agency market show something clearly: Traditionally, strategy consulting has long time been the exclusive domain of management consulting providers, creative solutions, design and communications exclusively available from traditional communications and PR agencies, technology and IT consulting from IT technology consultants. Umstrukturierungen im Markt der Unternehmensberatungen und Agenturen zeigen eines deutlich: Beratung zu Strategie, neuen Geschäftsmodellen und Leistungsangeboten war lange einzige Domäne der klassischen Unternehmensberater, kreative Lösungen, Design und Kommunikation war den klassischen Werbe- und Kommunikationsagenturen vorbehalten, technologisches Know-how und Systementwicklung der IT-Beratung.

Client organizations are calling on consulting service providers to focus on adapting and optimizing cross-media or digital marketing and communication activities. In order to come to terms with the shift in client demand and to meet new market requirements the consulting service providers responses to this shift in client demand involve that traditional boundaries between market segments are disappearing. The past years have been seen a growing convergence between the worlds of management consulting, technology consulting and creatives (marketing, brand and communication agencies). digitalen oder cross-medialen Vertriebs- und Marketingaktivitäten die Verbindung von Strategie, Kreativität und Technologie.

As a result, consulting and agency service offerings are converging and encompass topics like:

  • Digital strategy and services
  • Cross-media content and campaigns
  • Interactive brand experience and touchpoints
  • Data-driven marketing, CRM, data & analytics
  • Brand, creativity, UX and design
  • Digital products, front- & backend development (platforms, portals, apps, tools, VR).

There are many opportunities to develop optimized buying and brand building processes along the entire customer journey. To solve the related challenges successfully a combination of various roles and skills are critical: strategists, creatives, thinkers, doers, analysts, technicians, specialists and generalists.

For consulting firms and agencies it will be a challenge to accommodate these different services and skills within the same company: Much is owed to the fact that “state-of-the-art” marketing, sales and communication advise require holistic approaches and the interplay of interdisciplinary experiences and competencies. Some of the hybrid management and IT consultancies and digital agencies seem still to struggle with offering all services under one roof. ganzheitliche Ansätze und das Zusammenspiel interdisziplinärer Erfahrungen und Kompetenzen erfordern. Dies können (noch) nicht alle hybriden Management- und IT-Beratungsunternehmen oder Digitalagenturen, die das Kernportfolio für Digitalisierungsprojekte aus Sicht der Kunden am besten abbilden, bereits vollumfänglich leisten.

In their attempt to link strategy, technology and marketing consulting services, consulting companies and agencies are building eco-systems by partnering with or buying specialized providers to be able to offer genuinely integrated services in order to be able to offer end-to-end services for their clients. Ökosystemen und/ oder Zukäufen von komplementären Anbietern von Technologie- oder Design-Kompetenzen, um den Kunden ein entsprechenden End-to-End Service anbieten zu können.

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