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Proven and differentiated services & competencies of consulting companies

Consulting firms today face the challenge and necessity to innovate, network and differentiate themselevs in order to be able to offer value-added services which meet the newly emerging demands of their clients. In a heterogeneous but increasingly converging market, client companies face the challenge of gaining transparency about the proven performance and fit of the many consulting providers.

Consulting firms must demonstrate and differentiate services and competencies

For companies seeking consulting advice, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between the individual consulting firms. Answering the question which consulting firm has the necessary skills and experience and is best suited to solve a specific problem is becoming increasingly complex. It is not only a matter of finding out which consulting firm with its consultants and experts can provide the required expertise, but also which consultant can offer the appropriate approach, methodologies and roles. For companies seeking advice, it is not only the creative and technical or functional know-how and solutions that are important, but also the ability and capacity of the consulting companies to implement solutions for their clients.

Cardea positions, differentiates and certifies consulting companies

Based on its experience with identifying, evaluating and selecting consulting firms for its clients Cardea brings with a comprehensive knowledge of the consulting market and its providers. Cardea uses this knowledge to position and differentiate consulting firms and consulting services. Both consulting firms and client companies benefit from these positioning and differentiation services. It either takes place when evaluating and selecting consulting firms for specific project needs of clients or when certifying consulting firms based on their claimed consulting services and capabilities.

On consultingsearcher, clients find proven competencies and services of selected, excellent consulting firms. All consulting firms positioned on consultingsearcher are characterized by proven and differentiated consulting capabilities.



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