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Choosing the right consultant can create tremendous value

When selecting a consultant buyers of consulting services are looking first for the right set of team expertise, skills and industry knowledge. A good consultant should have experience with the challenges or opportunities your company is facing. For any consultant to be successful in helping your company, though, the consulting firm’s approaches, methodologies and provided roles have to fit with the your project requirements and needs. That’s why searching for the right consultant always starts with a clear picture of your own organization’s situation and plans.

Market challenges

The management consulting industry is highly fragmented with a variety of consulting firms, ranging from the “big three” global strategy-consulting firms to a large number of individual/independent consultants. Apart from the differences in size and scale, there exists a wide variety in the positioning and differentiation of the various consulting firms. There are firms that focus on a variety of issues in the same market such as the strategy-consulting firms, as there are firms that focus on a specific domain, such as information technology (IT).

Client challenges

The good thing is: There are many choices for buyers of consulting services. The bad thing: The differentiation among consulting firms is so minimal. For buyers of management consulting services the answer is clear. Better expertise or specialization is the top deciding factor. To be able to find the right consultant, clients must have a clear picture what they want and need. This is not always easy to define at the outset of a project, also since sometimes there is no internal consensus about project goals and project approaches.

Consultants' challenges

Buyers of consulting services often do not know how potential consulting firms can help them with their needs. It’s difficult for them to figure out who is good in what and who is right for their business and challenges.

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